Tips For Playing When It’s Cold and Snowy

In cold climes, winter weather – complete with low wind-chill factors and emergency storm watches – gives everyone something to talk about. Whether you look forward to the drama and drifts of a good Nor’easter or dream about basking in the Caribbean, winter is here, and so are we. So let’s have some fun.

  • Pack a thermos of hot chocolate and explore your favorite trails.
  • Head to the beach, where the summer mobs have given way to desolate beauty. Bring binoculars to look for snowy owls, snowy buntings, hawks, and even eagles.
  • Take a city stroll.
  • Strap on some skates and go. Bring the babies on sleds if you are pond skating. Check out the indoor rinks that have Sunday morning hours and beat the crowds.
  • Grab a sled and hit the hills.
  • Learn to ski or teach your kids. Cross-country skiing can be as close as your own back yard, or you can rent equipment and hit the trails.
  • Stay home and become an expert on snow. Eat it (with boiled maple syrup drizzled on top), study it (catch snowflakes on black construction paper and look at the patterns), measure it (make a snow-meter from clear glass and set it where you can see it from indoors), sculpt it (spray your creations with colored water for a dramatic effect) and play in it.

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