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8 Best Gifts For Single Moms: The Ultimate Guide

People usually regard this time of the year as the season of holidays and gifts, especially for the loved ones in their family. Yet, what about single moms out there? They deserve great presents as well, but sometimes we find it hard to choose the gifts that can make a strong impression. Therefore, this article will guide you through the process of choosing the best gifts for single moms in the world.

Who are single moms?

Single moms – or single parents, in general – are the people who live with their children but do not have a spouse or partner. This usually stems from some reasons: divorce, break-up, adoption, and even the death of her former partner. Even so, they made their own choice to move on and live their own life, staying away from other’s judgment.

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Part of society still holds some prejudices against single moms. As a consequence, single moms are also exerting themselves to strive against bias. Their efforts include raising the children on their own, earning a decent living, and coping with loneliness. Eventually, their preconceptions remain, though most people don’t know exactly what single moms have been through.

Whatever circumstances they have been under, single mothers deserve our helping hands. According to some research, fear and guilt are among their most common feelings.

Unlike normal women, single moms are somehow deprived of their emotional defense. They have no partners to take good care of each other, which burdens them with heavy responsibilities and obligations. In other words, single parents must fulfill their duty as both a mother and a father.

As a result, their minds are often occupied by stress-related feelings, even illnesses. Yet, not all single moms are strong enough to confront and fight back those fears. The fears of an unstable future and overloaded obligations may be their worst nightmare ever. Their nervous strain and sadness are under cover of radiant smiles without anyone noticing.

Another hardship that saddles single parents is public recognition. Stereotyped as it may sound, single moms tend to be overwhelmed by society’s negative opinions on their choices.

However, this also makes single mothers become as tough as old boots. They can pursue their life dream more persistently than we can imagine. Some even make a detailed plan that can guarantee their kids a better life at the expense of their happiness. 

sing mom and kid
Single moms are more persistent to pursue their dream than we can imagine.

For the most part, a single mom would always appreciate a gift that can help her save more time, effort, and even money for her daily routine. Sometimes, it can be just a small act of caring, such as doing the house chores or giving her house a small overhaul of decoration for Christmas. These are the most desired ideas for single moms that they tend to cherish.

It doesn’t matter if you are can’t read her mind to find the best gifts for single moms. The 8 options below are sure to cater to her liking. 

8 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Single Moms 

Don’t hesitate to choose gifts for single moms even if you live on a tight budget. This list consists of both practical and sentimental presents that can suit all occasions. All acts of support and advice are meaningful and valuable to a single mom. Just remember that even a simple hug can make her day, so have confidence in your own choice.

1. Money

Seems to be a mediocre option but this probably works as one of the best practical gifts for single mom. If an envelope of money is not delicate enough for you, a job opportunity on hand will do the job. 

Thanks to the proliferation of Internet platforms, people now can search for work vacancies and potential sources of income at ease. A large number of job networks and mobile applications have been launched due to this purpose.

While the Covid pandemic continues to spread, opting for positions that allows one to work remotely and stably from home should be a dream job for everyone. 

single mom work from home
An opportunity to work from home this year is the dream of millions.

These may require some basic skills of operating technology devices like computers through online procedures. Thus, make sure that she can get some equipment without splurging too much before getting the job.

2. Lovely Mom T-shirts

A small practical gift like T-shirts or other apparel products should deserve a place in this list. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of awesome T-shirts that can make a single mom on cloud nine. Still, you should stick to these 2 options: motivational-quote shirts and funny mom-themed shirts.

Both choices can be represented with a whole host of options on the Internet. It’s not necessary to rely on limited stocks from local clothing stores since the customization services for T-shirts have now gained more popularity than ever. With just a little additional cost, feel free to choose a quote idea up to your taste. Online print-on-demand services will take care of the rest without the need for a brick-and-mortar clothing shop.

funny mom shirt

These shirts may stand among the best gifts for single moms, aren’t they?

3. Flowers & Accessories

Living without their beloved partners, many single moms have long forgotten how it feels to receive a bunch of beautiful flowers. No more joyful moments, their heart has now been crushed by distressing memories. There’s no doubt that they always cherish the wildflowers picked by their kids, but a full bouquet should do much better.

old single mom with flowers

What about some jewelry customized with their children’s names? Finding an ornament shop that caters to our taste of personalized pieces of jewelry is now just a piece of cake. Spending just about $30, you can have a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet with a customizable name on it. 

4. Wine & Chocolate

According to some scientific research and explanations, the feeling of happiness can be triggered by drinking a glass of wine. The reasons behind this conclusion are not just because wine is delicious and enjoyable, but it also comes from the dopamine in your brain. In short, alcohol consumption releases the chemical hormone that is related to pleasure and motivational components.

The same applies to chocolate. Certain components of chocolate are proved to help foster a positive mood and alter some brain patterns. The serotonin hormone can be generated, which is a chemical that makes us feel satisfied and happy. Some antidepressant chemicals are also caused by chocolate, ging rise to the same feeling of falling in love, not to mention stress relief.

strawberry and chocolate

Besides, wine and chocolate can form a great duo of gifts for every occasion without lightening your wallet. They are symbols of friendship, romance, affection, and love. To be honest, other than this combo, finding better Christmas gifts for single moms would be a real uphill climb.

5. Good books

A book is like a key to help a single mom relieve stress and cultivate her soul. There is no exaggeration to say that you can be in someone’s good books by literally giving them a good book to read.

However, there’s a catch for someone who doesn’t know how to choose the right book: Leave the cliché genres of love or romance behind, go for biography, and psychological subjects instead. 

A single mom would love to read and learn more from authors and experts who have acquired cumulative knowledge of women’s problems. Hence, aim for books that discuss single parent issues or how to get over hardships. Tips on achieving financial stability and enjoying motherhood can be some incredible stories that single moms aspire to know. 

parenting book for mom

Last but not least, never underestimate topics related to child brain development. Nothing makes a single mom happier and more empowered than helping her child become the person she expected. If you’re looking for gifts for divorced mom, what else can surpass a book whose subject is about family therapy and emotional validation?

6. Journal

Yes, your eyes are not misleading. A journal can do much more than we thought. It is a safe place for them to pour their heart out, share their deepest stories without the public’s verdict and judgment. 

Later on, single mothers can look back on how strong they have been, how they have survived all the suffering and miseries, how they managed to move forward… With all those motivation and memories come more reasons for them to strive harder for their happiness. 

7. Time

Please don’t get it wrong. Time is impossible to be bought by any means of money or values. However, there are several methods to “buy more time” for single moms without spending a single penny.

The simplest yet most effective way is to take care of her children for an afternoon, even a day if it suits your schedule. For some people, hiring a babysitter is not an option in their list of affordable services. This gives single moms a chance to refresh her mind and avoid being burned-out by the overload of work and stress. 

mom having a free time

Sometimes, they just want a couple of minutes to be alone, to do things on their own without worrying about the daily hustle. It’s not necessary to be an extravagant trip to Hawaiian islands or a full-packaged therapy spa session. Instead, a good long nap or a relaxing shopping trip is all a single mom needs every once in a while. 

In that case, a bundle of special offers and discount vouchers are the most useful things to consider. Or else, you can make a list of trustworthy stores that offer mind-blowing deals and discount prices. This scenario is perfect for the upcoming Black Friday and Christmas shopping season. 

8. A Friendship, A Family

This option stands as a truly sentimental, yet the most precious one among gifts for single moms. If you happen to be her neighbor, your time and presence is the greatest gift that she ever expects. 

It can be a helping hand with her lunch meal on a sunny morning or a hug when she feels down and under the weather. You don’t necessarily have to be a Michelin chef to content her, but doing the dishes and setting the table while she cooks is fine. 

It can be a stroll by the river bank or in the park nearby, with her child being all smiles to have a new friend and companion. Those small changes in life patterns can drive great impacts on her heart and mind, no doubt.

Sometimes moms can be annoying when behaving with their children. Please be patient, take a glance at our tips and advice on “Why Are Moms So Annoying?” to seek the best remedy.

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