Parents as Role Models

A role model is someone a person wants to be like. Role models are not just for kids. Adults have role models too. You may not realize it, but you do have people that are role models for you. It may be a friendly neighbor woman who has raised four kids who then became doctors, firefighters, and teachers. It may be someone at work who loves what they are doing and are making a good living doing it. It may be a person that completely dedicates himself or herself to others.

Fictional characters can be role models too. Superman was an excellent role model. Whoever a role model is, it is someone people aspire to be like and someone they admire.

You can be a role model too but you may be, you haven’t realized it. When you come home after a long day at work and you hang and fold your clothes nicely, you are being a role model. You are showing your children that rules are important and being really tired is not an excuse not to follow the rules.

Your actions and behaviors play a critical role in the development of your child from the time he or she is born up until the child is about seven years old. Regardless of what and how you do, you can be sure that your child is watching you and trying to imitate your behaviors, both good and bad.

One of the things that you need to understand about being a role model is that a role model doesn’t need to be perfect in every way, shape or form. If you can run 5 miles under 30 minutes, and that’s great, but that’s not a requirement for being an excellent role model to your children. The important part is doing the things that you know are right.

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