On Finding a Balance between Being a Friend and a Parent

One of the biggest challenges adults face in relationships with their children is being friends while at the same time, being parents.

The question of maintaining a proper balance between being a friend and being a parent is a very hard one for most people. You want to be friends with your kids, you want to spend time together, relax, do things together and help each other, but at the same time, you want to stay a responsible parent who is in charge.

While keeping a balance is hard, there are certain things parents should never do. For example, being too much of a friend or being too much of a parent.

Being too much of a friend means sharing confidential information with your children that you know you shouldn’t be sharing or making the child think that he/she and the parents are equals. When this happens, a child may think that he or she needs to help you to take care of your needs instead of the relationship being about you helping your child realize fully his or her potential.

Being a good parent means accepting your child as an individual with his or her feelings, thoughts, wants, desires and emotions. This is something a friend does. As a parent, you don’t want to be pointing out the weaknesses in your children. Instead, you want to help your children grow and build on the things that they are good at. When you encourage your children and help create conditions in which your children can realize their potential, you are both being a good friend and a good parent who is helping children develop their self-confidence.

You want to praise your kids when you can and use the psychology of positive reinforcement in your parenting, because it is much more effective than punishment and negativity.

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