On Discipline and Crying

Although it may be hard to accept and deal with, there will be a time in your relationship with your teen when your child will do something that you will require you to discipline them.

Some parents are scared to death of disciplining their children. They want to avoid it at all costs. Other parents think that disciplinary action is the only way to communicate the will of the parents on children. Obviously, both approaches are wrong. The whole point of discipline is teaching children a lesson in an effective manner. It is a learning process, not just an act of discipline. You can be an effective and loving parent with definite and specific ideas about how you should be teaching lessons to your children. When you do have such ideas, you don’t need to be afraid that your children are going to hate you for the rest of your life or that you are going to ruin their lives.

Discipline is about setting rules and boundaries for your kids and about making sure that your children follow these rules. While this sounds easy and logical on paper, the problems will start popping up when your children don’t follow these rules and have their own agendas that do not match yours.

Although it will be difficult in the beginning, you must not give in to complaining, explaining, whining and crying. When it comes to behavior such as crying, you need to know that there are two types of crying. The first one is when your kids cry, for example, when you don’t let them go out with their friends at night. In this instance, your kids are crying because they are really upset with you. While they are upset, they are not physically hurt. Crying when physically hurt is the second type of trying and it is critical that whenever they cry, you identify the type of crying right away and act accordingly.

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