Being a Teacher to Your Children

You are being a teacher to your children even when you think you are not because the brain of your child absorbs everything you say and do. This happens automatically and it doesn’t matter whether you or your child want this to be happening or not.

To a large extent, your children learn about the world around them by observing your actions and behaviors. You teach your children how to respond to spilling milk, to a light left on in a room, to a joke, to what happens when someone falls down, reacting to a device or gadget breaking down and so on. If you are usually relaxed, calm, and collected when you break something or when an event occurs that you are not happy about, your children will subconsciously learn to stay calm, too. On the other hand, if you react impulsively to the events that happen around you, that’s what your children will start imitating very quickly.

As a teacher, you have two main areas in which you will need to teach your children. The first one is relationships with other people. The second one is education about how the world around them works.

Teaching your child to interact with others starts educating the child about being his or her own person, which means that you need to let your child have and express his or her own ideas and feelings. You also need to learn to respect them and recognize the fact that it is okay for the ideas and feelings of your child to be different from anybody else’s. Although you may disagree or not like what your child thinks or feels, these thoughts and feeling do not belong to you.

The strongest relationships between parents and children are the ones in which both parties accept and recognize each other as individuals and come together despite their differences.

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